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Oh hai everybody!

I’m so sorry for the long silence. Live is pretty hectic now that I have two boys to look after aaannnd the timing couldn’t be worse now that it’s the beginning of the year and the workload is piling like crap. Screw you auditors!!!

My two sons ~ Nabil Hakimy (b. 24th Dec 2007) and Ikmal Haniff (b. 26th Oct 2002).

And yes, I have delivered my second child on the night before X’mas 2007 (the actual due date was 6th January). I was still working when I got a ‘show’ that afternoon, and my colleagues sent me to the hospital. The lil one was out at 9.09 pm. We named him Nabil Hakimy, which means ‘the bright/ wise one’. He weighs 2.08kgs at birth, and right now after two months plus, he’s around 5.5 kgs! I’m trying to breastfeed him for as long as I could, but I’m kinda worried that the supply might be uhm, depleted over time. Think happy thoughts Zack!

Gotta get back to work now kids. Be good, okay! And keep in touch!

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Bite me Frank!

Nerd alert!

Oh hai everybody!


Am pretty behind with my updates, but I really enjoy reading your posts. Okay, I may sound like a humongous dork right now, but recently, during spring cleaning, I found my beloved stamp albums. This one album goes way back from 1986 (haha!, I nearly died looking at my secondary school handwriting there :P), and I also found my cookie jar full of local stamps (duplicates of what I’ve put inside my albums).


So, my question here is, do any of you collect stamps? Are you interested in exchanging them with me? Or, do you guys enjoy receiving/ exchanging snail mail just for the sake of admiring and cutting those beautiful, nifty squares at the top right hand-side of the envelope? If you do, please email me at, and state whether you want to exchange stamps or snail mails with me. And don’t worry. I won’t sell your info to anyone :-). Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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Hot Fuzz


Well, I think this news is worth sharing since, man, I think this is waaaaay better than spending 4 hours in a hot tub with Gerard and Frank :P

People, I have a bun in me oven.

Yes. After 4 freakin years of waiting, fighting, sulking and whatnot, the two lines are here again. I just hoped that this will turn out as expected. 

Oh, btw, this is my son (pic taken last year, at my parent's place),

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Hot Fuzz

It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing.

1. If you stumbled here, welcome!
2. If you adore My Chemical Romance as much as I do, then add me. 
    They're the ONLY reason why I registered at LJ.
3. Racists and rude people are not welcomed here. 
    Go away, fly a kite, take-up sewing or whatever.
4. Chances are, I'm not gonna update this LJ journal, coz I have my own blog to take care of.
5. Comments are loved; even a single Hi! can put a smile on my face :-)
6. Thank you for visiting! Hope to see you again sometime! 
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